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What is the best business to start?

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asked Oct 21, 2016 in Mentorship/Training by ebest IBO Specialist (83,860 points)
Crypto currency is the. Best one to start, because they have their own currency, no going down value, really amazing,

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In my oppinion you should start in one that is free. See how it goes and upgrade latter on if it is alright.

What I would not consider are the business that offer thousands of dollars for next day, investing very little and doing nothing.

They may produce thousands of dollars for the sharp that presents the opportunity but not for you.

answered Nov 22, 2016 by Alecrin IBO Guru (2,460 points)
selected Sep 8, 2017 by ebest
I agree with you fully no one should not be made to spend any money if they are not ready yet. I always tell my Team that buying something is optional and most spend the cash after they see how well build our company is and how much training we offer for free. (we've been in Network Marketing since 1985 and online since 1998) we are a well respected company. I never push sales EVER, because that is a bad practice to start, it drives them away
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The one you are passionate about and will gladly give every available hour to for the rest of your life.

There are always options but if you love what you do your business may not be limited to just one option. My business is for example an extension for my passionate love for online and social media marketing and blogging. I monetize them with 1 Network Marketing Program, Pay Per Click earnings, Direct sales advertising, and affiliate marketing.

My family and I make jewelry and I love buying and selling collectibles so our other business is a e-commerce business and we augment earnings for it by promoting our various sub stores like TripleClicks and Amazon through their respective affiliate programs.

answered Oct 21, 2016 by YumaBloggers IBO Specialist (12,430 points)
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The best business to start is the one that you would do, for free, because that is where your heart and soul is. You are doing it because you enjoy doing it and any money you make is "icing on the cake."  If your whole focus is on making money you will be disappointed because money has wings and if you don't believe me take it outside and watch how fast it will fly away, you will never have enough.
answered Oct 24, 2016 by firstcause (520 points)
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I would start any business online that can provide quality traffic to online marketers at a competitive price as good traffic sells. From other have tested the traffic and confirmed that it works and provide good conversions customers would come from all round to make their purchase.
answered Oct 25, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
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Obviously, I could state that the BEST business to start is the one I happen to belong to and here is MY affiliate link!


The best business for you may be just exactly 180 degrees off of what is just right for me.  The BEST business for you to go into is the one that deals with your passion.  Selling or promoting things is not for everyone.  Helping people achieve something may be what is best for you.  The BEST opportunity for you is the one that you already know something about because it already IS your passion!
answered Oct 25, 2016 by mickeyb IBO Guru (2,280 points)
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I would have to say it should be something you are definitely passionate about and can't wait to get to work on it every day. Without passion for what you're doing the desire to make it a success will eventually go away!
answered Oct 25, 2016 by Seashell IBO Master (5,230 points)
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The most lucrative and quick paying businesses are ones that offer learning tools for marketers, advertising, and lead generation. I have found product sites are very targeted and you really have to have the passion for making those businesses grow fast, Good luck in your search.
answered Nov 22, 2016 by missessm IBO Guru (1,300 points)
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A marketing and advertising business, which has low front end products, continuity revenue and high ticket back end products, which add value to your online credibility, which leads to attraction marketing, which leads to referrrals and recruiting without phuysically doing that

Applied Knowledge is the new currency

answered Mar 20, 2017 by davehayes IBO Guru (1,650 points)

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