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In a network marketing or MLM business what do you look for in prospects?

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We all have ideal candidates for our business opportunities but somewhere in the middle of all of our desires is the right formula to build successful entrepreneurs. Sad to say not everyone entering any type of business will succeed, only 17% will be in a business of their own 2 years after starting their business and just 3% will be seriously successful. By finding the right candidates we can increase the odds of developing champions while helping others find a business that suits them better.
asked Oct 27, 2016 in Mentorship/Training by YumaBloggers IBO Specialist (12,400 points)

7 Answers

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To succeed in multi-level marketing, you have to SELL things, and sell a LOT of things. Marketing means sales. If you already have the gift of gab, and can convince people to buy things from you, congratulations; you may have a chance. If you can't sell, and are not a people person, then you have a long way to go before you can succeed in an MLM, and you may want to consider another path.

And if you were told you don't need to sell anything, just recruit, you are in a "pyramid scheme," not an MLM.

If you cannot sell the product to a stranger, consider whether you can sell the product at all. Selling to friends and family does NOT count as selling. Most friends and family will buy something from you because you asked, but that will cost you somehow, just not in $$$.

answered Oct 28, 2016 by ebest IBO Specialist (83,440 points)
selected Oct 29, 2016 by YumaBloggers
Just a note: We are all natural born salespeople. If you ever asked a member of the opposite sex out, asked your parents to help buy a car, applied for a job and had success with any of those congrats, you are doing exactly what a salesperson does, you simply lack confidence.
This is a very interesting analogy you just shared YumaBlogger. I have never looked at it that way before
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I look for the decision maker and for those aggressive people.
answered Oct 28, 2016 by aldz IBO Guru (3,140 points)
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I look for people whom I would want to travel with and spend time with.  Someone who  wants to learn and is willing to follow instructions.
answered Oct 28, 2016 by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (44,310 points)
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Looking for Non-Sayers and Non-Excuses ! 

Give me a “Hell Yeah!” if you are absolutely sick and tired of hearing the following excuses:

“It sounds great, but I just don’t have enough money to get started.”

“I don’t have enough time.”

“Is this some pyramid scheme?”

“I can’t sell.”

“I don’t want to give you my social security or credit card info.”

“I’m not a people person.”

“This just isn’t my thing.”

“But what about this other company that sells the same stuff cheaper?”

“I’ll have to ask my wife/husband before I join.”

“I’ll need to pray about it.”

“Let me think about it and I’ll call you next week.”

“How much does it cost to join?”

“Do I have to buy product every month!?”

“I don’t like to recruit people.”

Seriously, stab me in the ear with a flipping’ Q-tip!


Now I have a question for you…

What do you do when these statements are made?

Read - Learn Here About 

answered Oct 28, 2016 by attractionmarketing IBO Master (8,860 points)
If the question is confidence based such as putting the decision in the hands of friends or family you want the person making the decision. Most of the questions on the list should be easy to answer but if you have to answer ones about legal status of the company too often ask people to review the program to see if your prospects are on to something or do the research to see how the program stacks up with the laws governing it. Most programs will fail because most programs are not as solid as we think when we are excited and just jumping in.
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I always tend to look for prospects who are will to do whatever is required to be successful at the business which at times mean you may have to spend sometime in understanding and promoting the business to reap the benefits you desire.
answered Nov 10, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
How do you tell a serious worker who will do what it takes and stick with the program is what the question is really about. We all want people who will stay with the business but identifying common traits in them allows us to better serve these people and make sure they stay committed. We need to understand what motivates them.
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I look for prospects who will be active members throughout the lifetime of the programme.
answered Nov 10, 2016 by babyface IBO Master (6,720 points)
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Hi YumaBloggers!

It may seem a bit peculiar to many, but the first thing i ask is "What do you do in your 'free' time?" This will tell me volumes about what you can expect in a team member or business partner. I am a huge fan of 'sorting' prospects and only am fully engaged energy wise with those ready to make it happen. Not everyone is, and that is okay.
answered Dec 2, 2016 by ToddTreharne IBO Specialist (56,110 points)

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