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What's more important for success, technical how to training strategic or the training for mindset?

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asked Oct 28, 2016 in Mentorship/Training by ToddTreharne IBO Specialist (56,390 points)

4 Answers

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I made the mistake of worrying about the tech side and fretting over what I did not know that I failed to take into account that I needed to have my mindset right before I would get anywhere.  Without mindset and gratitude in your life you will not get anywhere.
answered Oct 28, 2016 by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (45,010 points)
Mindset of gratitude will take us far Chris! Thank you!
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Mindset is everything.

Heard of the Millionaire Mindset?

If you cannot tune yourself to have the right mindset - you get different outcomes. 

Very Few have the mindset to be a failure, but even fewer was not ready to change their mindset to be a millionaire.

Heart heightens Mindset.

Most successful and sustainable folks had the right heart to weight in on their  mindset. They never lose the core foundations or fundamentals WHY they do what they do and their heart of passion and purpose in pursuing their goals. Because, there will always be trials and tribulations, there will be oppositions....BUT they never lose heart. They are not cavalier about their mindset...They SET their Heart Fully on their Mindset.

Technical issues will always be part of the deal whichever business we go, as we are growing into an digital world....there is no turning back. My Mentor just reminded me...we need in a life of lifelong learning. 

When You Stop Learning, You Stop Growing. Period.

answered Oct 28, 2016 by jcasia IBO Specialist (22,010 points)
Adopting the perspective of a new learner and always being open to learn something are key indeed! And YES, Love T Harv's work!
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Although I think mindset is important, I think that that training is more important.  If you don't really understand the business you are in, how can you be successful?  You can't expect to wake up in the morning and decide to be an online marketer without having the training on how to accomplish that.  You don't know anything about it, so you look for someone to train and mentor you.  I think that mindset really comes from within you - you either have the right mindset to be in a tough business or you don't.   Can you develop the right mindset - yes!  If you are enthusiastic about your business, product, etc. that passion should show through, but again you need training in order to succeed.
answered Oct 29, 2016 by marketwithkris IBO Specialist (44,350 points)
Hi Kris! Thanks for your valued input! It is kind of the chicken and the egg isn't it?  How can you be successful if you don't really know the business your in? AND you can't really be successful unless you know WHY you are in it to begin!
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" Thoughts Become Things.

If You See It In Your Mind, You'll Hold It In Your Hands ". So your mindset is important to succeed. the first step is to set your mind to achieve your goals, then everything follows.

Learning never stops. You keep learning throughout your life.

answered Nov 8, 2016 by iyengar IBO Master (8,340 points)
Learning should always keep growing. Some times the best learning is unlearning what we thought was so! Thanks iyengar!

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