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What are your top 3 tips for making the most of IBO Platform?

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asked Nov 1, 2016 in IBO platform questions by ebest IBO Specialist (83,860 points)

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1. First of all you want to use the platform as much as possible. Be active, respond to posts and press releases, post to the wall and post press releases. Get to know others that are using the platform.

2. Make sure you fill out your profile as best you can and use a real picture of yourself, not a logo, cartoon character, or some other weird picture. People want to know who you are and they want to see the real you. Be sure to add your business links and videos. All this information will be displayed on your IBOsocial page which is you own personal online business card.

3. Associate with other members. When you accept and request associations with other members do not spam them with your offers. This is extremely frowned upon in the IBOtoolbox platform. This practice can even get you suspended. Instead, get to know your associates and they will naturally take a look at your profile.  If they ask you about what you are promoting feel free to share your information, but not without permission.

There are many other aspects of the IBO platform that you will find very useful in promoting your programs. I hope this answers your question
answered Nov 1, 2016 by ackerman IBO Guru (3,570 points)
selected Sep 8, 2017 by ebest
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My top 3 tips for making the most of the IBO platform are:

  1. Learn how the platform works!  Attend the weekly IBOtoolbox Training Webinars and/or watch the video tutorials at MWK
  2. Participate!  The members that are the most active on the platform are able to get in front of their target market more than those that are not active.  The more active you are, the more you will be seen.
  3. Use ALL of the tools and resources that IBOtoolbox has to offer!
It's simple - learn, apply your knowledge and participate!
answered Nov 2, 2016 by marketwithkris IBO Specialist (44,350 points)

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