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What else can we, IBO development team, provide to assist you with promoting IBO and earning more commissions?

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We, the IBO development team have been tasked by IBO management, to provide anything IBOtoolbox members need to build member commission checks.  We in turn are asking our members directly... What do you need?  Tell us in your responses / answers what we can do as a development team to assist you.  We will review the responses and come up with a plan to get what you need built.

History on the project:

In early October, IBO management team has laid out an aggressive goal to triple the size of its active member base, double its incoming organic traffic, and streamline its sites, tools, and systems within the next 6 months.  This is a very aggressive yet tangible goal.. 

In late October, IBO management decided to turn up the heat on IBO.  First they opened up the commission program to clubIBO members.  But after much discussion, it was put out that the true spirit of IBO has always been to give EVERYONE the tools they need to make build, promote, and make money using IBOtoolbox.  That was not to be any different when it came to the commission program.  So the commission program was tweaked to include 20% commission for every member of IBO, regardless of ANY purchases.

Current commission program:

20% commission to every member when any one of their referrals purchase IBO credits.  There is NO time limit on the referral.  Meaning if you referred someone to IBO a year ago, and they purchase, you get the commission.

50% commission to every member that has an active clubIBO membership. 

In Closing:

IBOtoolbox management has tasked IBOdevelopment team to make this happen.  We in turn are asking our member directly.  With the focus on commissions and promotions, what can we do to help you, help us make this goal happen?

Thank you for your time,

IBO Dev Team

asked Nov 11, 2016 in IBO platform questions by admin IBO Guru (3,130 points)
You could provide some banners and email swipes to use to promote IBO
You could start by giving tool tips to absolute greeners (newbies) when it comes to the initial setup of profiles and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. To complete ones profile you need to submit certain info. In one case it's just a username or ID in the other case it's an entire URL. You don't however indicate on the IBO platform or the sub-division where one can find the URL that should be placed in the specific field.

One more simple suggestion, developers on all platforms mus STOP making the assumption that all users are just as brilliant as they are. Don't develop a platform just because you like the way it functions, remember there is a poor limited intelligence user on the other side who has to use this thing that you think is so brilliant. Developers write systems which is fantastic to them but the poor guy on the other side battles to understand exactly what it is you want and then in many cases fields are left empty because the user does not understand what its use really is and then it is left blank and the reason for you putting it there in the first place has no purpose.

(Just for the record, I have a son who is a developer and we argue about these things all the time). My suggestion, come down to the level of the guy who is going to use your system and don't assume the user is at the same technical, intelligence level as you.

I for one don't like to battle to figure out the meaning of one simple field for hours that is where I would rather close the program and refuse to use it any longer. That is one of the reasons I have been procrastinating on the use of IBO Toolbox for months since I signed up and here I am again tonight getting stuck at exactly the same stuff which prevented me from continuing the setup in the first place.

Just my thoughts and yes, I am a small voice in the middle of the ocean but I am sure there are others who feel the same way.

I have to say yeah well put I could'nt put it better
I would like to see the ability to add photos to IBOTube again, thanks.

9 Answers

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Personally my only upset with IBO.

Is numerous times I joined IBO Club. Paid then it expired after a week.

So I cancelled at Paypal. 2013

I then the following year  signed up again. Same thing happened.

So cancelled at paypal once again.

I love this.

Current commission program:

20% commission to every member when any one of their referrals purchase IBO credits.  There is NO time limit on the referral.  Meaning if you referred someone to IBO a year ago, and they purchase, you get the commission.

50% commission to every member that has an active clubIBO membership. 

Ready to blast my promoting.

Third time lucky. 2016 Did it again.

To find it shows expired.

BUT it shows auto payment due to come out on the 11th of November.

I have not cancelled this time to see if it will go through and be active once again.

answered Nov 11, 2016 by Maree Wells (890 points)
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Hi Dev Team, 

You have some great Banners and links for IBOToolbox .. what about a very simple short video link that can be used for social media and on websites. Something that quickly outlines what is IBOToobox and who it is for. .. maybe one of those drawn videos .. they are effective.  




answered Nov 11, 2016 by NiuSavi IBO Guru (1,190 points)
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Hi Thanks For Asking For Opinions. It Strengthens My Belief In IBO As A Strong Marketing Platform For Your Business.

As Pertaining To The Question, My Feeling Is What Ever Sources Available Now Is More Than Sufficient To Promote IBO. There Are Enough Incentives [ 200 credits for the referal & 20% commission for the credit purchase].

As Long As I Am With You, I Would Like To Put In A Request:

When We Use Advertising Credits, We Would Like to Have An Option To Distribute The Credits As Required. Let Me Give An Example:

Total 5000 Credits. Now The Current System Evenly Distributes The Credits.

What We Would Like Of This 5000 Credits:

3000 Credits To 250 X 250 Banner Ads.

2000 Credits To 468 X 90 Banner Ads.

1000 Credits To Our Text Ads.

This Is Kind Option, Where We Could Distribute The Credits To Our Liking.

Hope You Would Take A Note Of This.

Thanks Team

answered Nov 11, 2016 by iyengar IBO Master (8,340 points)
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Commissions are fine in themselves I guess but why not increase the number of words you can put into an ad? The existing limits are too low and surely being able to write bigger ads. would encourage more all text advertising?

answered Nov 11, 2016 by Johna888 (240 points)
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Thanks for opening up the commission section to all members of the website.

I would now love it if an alternative payment processor could be added to those that already exist due to some recent issues some ppl are having with Paypal. Payza I think is another highly used alternative  payment processor that could be considered
answered Nov 11, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
Yes, like crypto (BTC, Etc...)
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I love IBO first off.  I didnt come to IBO to sell IBO products to IBOers. In fact that would not make sense for me to push IBO credits to IBOers.

#1. If they want to buy credits they would buy them.  They see the credit sign up link every time they get free credits.

#2. To be fair to the members staff should not be allowed to dominate the traffic and leader boards for weeks and years on end. More traffic to members more sales of your credits.
answered Nov 11, 2016 by RikRodriguez IBO Guru (4,180 points)
RE #1, We would never want members selling credits.  The idea behind the commissions is to increase referred members.

RE #2, IBO staff are not allowed to run ads, comment on anything, delete things, etc...  We have a huge policy against that.

IBOadmin account may put out things occasionally, and has automated wall posts etc... but that I guess would be the only exception..
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The only thing that comes to mind is an autoresponder,  I think that would complete the toolbox.

I DO NOT like Rebrandable Traffic. I have purchased thousands of clicks and sent the traffic to lead capture pages targeted to the keywords I used and I haven't gotten one single opt in, not one.

I found the same exact platform on World Profits website. If that's where the traffic is coming from then I understand why I haven't gotten any options ins. Total waste.
answered Nov 12, 2016 by wlowery (240 points)
Yes, same experience here.
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I love IBO and look forward to marketing the program in the near future. However, I believe it is currently lacking 2 things that would enhance the value and attractiveness to potential buyers:

1. Classified ad submission software. I know it has a great classified ad site, but think how more valuable it would be if after submitting to IBO Classifieds, the advertiser was then offered the opportunity to post their ad to another 200+ sites automatically! Not only that but anyone listing on any of those sites would also be invited to list their item on the 200+ sites which would include IBO Classifieds! Think of the exposure it would get for IBO! Now I've hopefully wet your appetite, I can tell you that such a company does exist and is working with all major classified listing sites and the software that most of those sites use, to incorporate it into their software. Inclusion at this level is by invitation only for existing companies with a client base of at least 200. I can arrange for you to talk with the CEO or 1 of the senior reps of the company. Just let me know.

2. A demographic autoresponder. I recommend Sendreach and suggest you take a good look at my review site about this company at They get all their demographic information from Facebook and I believe that their services can be integrated with IBO. Again I would be happy to instigate talks between you both.

3. An offsite automatic backup service. I believe your best course of action is to integrate a white label version of Depositit. I have been using their service for over 10 years and highly recommend it. Watch the demo video at the top of this page:
answered Nov 12, 2016 by Cyberchoices IBO Guru (1,900 points)
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Personally, I love Ibo However my only upset with IBO.

Is when  I joined IBO Club. Paid with my paypal got the free trial period then it expired after a week. I was under the impression it was supposed to be for a month. After reading several reviews I discovered I was not the only one having this problem. I do want to be part of Club IBO but I don't want to keep paying for something I can't even use.
answered Aug 12, 2017 by MichelleD IBO Guru (3,240 points)

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