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Would You Join A Multi-Level Marketing Company For Retirement Income?

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asked Nov 12, 2016 in Internet Marketing Tools by ebest IBO Specialist (83,860 points)
I would recommend it to those that have the mindset of retirement. I think it is a viable, life long source of income. I LOVE what I do, so I have no future plans to retire from it =)

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Unless I was already making and making a substantial monthly/weekly income in MLM I would not join an MLM to create retirement income. The end (earnings) would have to justify the means.

I know of people who have created enough income via their MLM to retire and live off the money they earn.

I am retiring at the end of this year, I will be living on my pension and I am in 2 MLM's which I use for personal use...

I am proactive with regards to my health so I purchase health and nutrition products from a wellness company and I also like to travel so I access my travel through a discount travel NWM venture.

I plan to share these 2 opportunities with others and any earnings I generate, I will use as supplemental income and if so blessed that they take off, I'd use them as main income too.

If one could build their MLM business to the point that it can sustain itself financially the recurring/residual income would be sweet in retirement.


answered Nov 14, 2016 by WillieRobertson IBO Guru (4,870 points)
selected Sep 8, 2017 by ebest
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With the many thousands of MLM companies out there with a few dozen launching every day plus the massive competition for team members, no I wouldn't. I see MLM as a way to earn an extra income, however I believe that unless you're the owner of the company, or a relative of the owner that received a top position before the company was even announced, or a BIG marketer with a HUGE following... then you automatically start off at a disadvantage.

For retirement - I recommend people put the most (percentage) into your 401k that you can afford (you have to have money in there to make money). If your company does not provide a 401k, then have some of your regular pay automatically taken out before (or right after) you receive it and have it deposited into a Roth account.

Note: I have nothing against MLM as I'm directly involved in a few MLM companies, however I view the income from those as "extra income" not something for retirement. When I retire and with attrition as a natural part of MLM, I wouldn't want to be retired yet still keep marketing to ensure my MLM retirement income continued at a reliable level.

A very interesting question, thanks!


answered Nov 12, 2016 by WhitneyJaqueline IBO Specialist (34,360 points)

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