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How to retain your team to get six-figures ?

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I personally hate prospecting strangers and speaking to people with a hidden recruiting agenda ...

asked Nov 14, 2016 in Mentorship/Training by mlmteamsuccess IBO Guru (3,840 points)

2 Answers

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The top recruiter is almost NEVER the top earner !

Because, at the end of the day, you’re paid on volume—not on how many people you recruit.  The more product you move through the organization, the more money you make. Make sense, right? 

I know the case where 'she' achieved a 90% retention rate within the first 6-12 months of someone joining her team, by helping teaching her new reps how to quickly acquire 10 new product customers, within their first 30 days.

She knows people don’t naturally have the skills necessary to go and recruit others.

If they force the prospecting process, they might fail, become demotivated, and even burn bridges with their friends and family. That’s bad ! So rather than go that route, in the first few months she and many top producers focus on these two things:

> One, teaching prospecting—but not having reps do much of it at first.
> Two, quickly acquiring product customers.

answered Nov 14, 2016 by attractionmarketing IBO Master (8,860 points)
selected Nov 14, 2016 by mlmteamsuccess
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If you remain in contact with your team, is also responsive to the team member needs and concerns and they view you as a leader by not just words and action then sky is the limit to what you can earn..
answered Mar 17, 2017 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)

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