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Do You Belong To Any Groups on Google+ With Any Results?

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There are many groups over there for just about anything you can imagine.  Have you joined some of the groups where your target market hangs out and gotten any results?
asked Dec 19, 2016 in Other Questions by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (41,850 points)

2 Answers

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My preference, is to bring people to my sites, with targeted relevant content, that attracts the right kind of people, for your niche....but, I like you Chris, am interested in my fellow marketers results utilizing Groups, but I have no direct experience with this....anybody? Good Question?

answered Dec 23, 2016 by thethrash IBO Specialist (30,200 points)
Thank you for that, there is also groups on LinkedIn. The groups on Facebook are nothing but spam fests but I do post in them on occasion.  That is why I am wondering about G+ groups.
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answered Jan 7, 2017 by ebest IBO Specialist (80,610 points)
Is it effective for your business?  What type of posts into the groups are you using?

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