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Can You share ONE Success Secret you did right in 2016?

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For ME, I join IBO Family!
asked Jan 4, 2017 in Business Opportunity by jcasia IBO Specialist (22,010 points)

4 Answers

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Hello jcasia my main success secret for 2016 was investing in advertising for my main Network Marketing Business (SFI) AND I would say building my website would be a close second!


answered Jan 8, 2017 by rjpjrblue IBO Guru (1,660 points)
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Accepting Bitcoin.

Revenues are significantly higher, and it's easy to see what did it.

This is still mostly a speculative commodity, but more and more holders are seeking places to spend it.
answered Jan 8, 2017 by Kjell Sherman IBO Guru (4,520 points)
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I did several things.

1. Expanded my business's visibility through the Traffic exchange website

2. Joined IBOToolbox family.

3. Built a good relationship with my online customers which generated sales for me.

4. Partnered with an e commerce store which expanded my business worldwide

answered Jan 8, 2017 by Yeshua IBO Guru (2,600 points)
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Hey jcasia!

     One of the best tools I've used in 2016 was
a little something called: "Attraction Marketing".

      Important point here is: There are plenty of ready-made 
Marketing Systems, that lend themselves to leading with value first,
like My Lead System Pro, which is a marvelous tool. 

      The only issue is: 1000's of other people are also using that
same tool as well.

      That's why, at some point in time, it becomes important to
learn how to create your own Capture & Landing Pages,
as well as build your own offers (or bonuses).

answered Jan 26, 2017 by Workwithterry IBO Guru (2,950 points)
edited Jan 26, 2017 by Workwithterry

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