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Has anyone found a good targeted traffic supplier that is reasonably priced

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I have looked at several traffic providers, and found most to be ridiculous on pricing, especially for newbies or those that are just wanting to get their blogs scene. Is paid traffic what most are using or is there something else that gets people's sites and blogs ranked quickly, just what is the secret?
asked Jan 5, 2017 in Internet Advertising by rdpshop (200 points)
The "secret" is to put a lot of work into exposure by real people that you know. Once you get all your SEO stuff situated in your site, let others know that you are asking for them to go see it. Give it a review and such. If you have a good following, they will help you. The rest is taken care of by your SEO.

16 Answers

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Paid Traffic Sources: 2017's Best Traffic For Advertisers the ppcmode. Each traffic source has a unique type of audience that is engaged in the websites. Traffic is often both higher quality and much cheaper than compared to other websites. It's interface is extremely ugly and Buzzcity lacks many good targeting options found on other networks.

answered Mar 22, 2017 by madzi85 IBO Guru (1,830 points)
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Twitter - can provide with a high-quality leads - try to use special program Autotweets

answered Mar 22, 2017 by madzi85 IBO Guru (1,830 points)
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The best way to get targeted traffic to your website/blog is to use

answered Mar 28, 2017 by ebest IBO Specialist (83,860 points)
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I'd recommend that you first concentrate on trying to convert traffic from free traffic sources before you move on to paid traffic. I'm saying this is because asking how much it costs to buy traffic is the wrong question.

You should be asking what is the cost of converting a subscriber to a paying customer. If you don't have that figure already, you won't be able to tell when you're overpaying for traffic (i.e. the CPC is higher than it should be).

If you want to get started with free traffic methods, try posting videos to YouTube, posting on user forums related to your niche, creating articles to post as guest posts on sites that will accept them, etc.

Use these opportunities to figure out the highest converting landing pages and emails for your offers.

All of these free traffic methods will give you an idea of whether you can convert your offer and how much it really costs to get a paying customer.
answered Jun 5, 2017 by shane_harrison IBO Guru (1,670 points)
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Take a look at this free video on traffic generation. It might help you decide which route to go down.

Click here.

Best wishes,


answered Jul 3, 2017 by bobbo IBO Guru (2,760 points)
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In my opinion, the best website to buy real web traffic is Web TARGETED Traffic.

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answered Sep 9, 2018 by ebest IBO Specialist (83,860 points)