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How does the alexa ranking work?

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Is it -

Lower The number, higher the ranking OR higher the number, higher the ranking ? How is the ranking calculated in Alexa?
asked Jan 5 in Internet Marketing Tools by iyengar IBO Master (6,940 points)

2 Answers

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A good alexa ranking? Man don't even try to determine your success based off this number. I've seen sites who's alexa ranking is 3,000,000+ make more money than sites who's alexa ranking is 300,000.

If you want advertising revenues... promote your site in the right way...HARD... and sell the ad slots the same way you would properly promote anything else.
answered Jan 6 by ebest IBO Specialist (63,620 points)
selected Jan 7 by iyengar
Thanks Whit. This is what exactly I was looking for.
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Alexa Ranking is the number indicating the popularity of the website being ranked on the computers having Alexa toolbar installed.( Indication of the Traffic the site is receiving) Ranking 1 means it is receiving maximum traffic according to alexa criterion.  Many Internet Marketers install alexa toolbar .So some sites will be shown having better ranking in alexa but on other ranking services they may be having lower ranking.

Does that answer your question iyengar?
answered Jan 5 by promarketer IBO Guru (1,730 points)

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