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Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

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What are the best and highest paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?
asked Jan 11 in Internet Marketing Tools by updatedreviews IBO Guru (4,710 points)

2 Answers

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There isn't really an exact answer and it will depend upon who you are recommending the product to and for what purpose.  Programs like Hostgator, Host Monster and Blue Host pay very well for NEW referrals to their hosting programs. You can sign up as an affiliate for free at any or all of them.

Their are some MLM programs or marketing programs like GVO who require you to be  a member.  These programs will be unattractive to the vast majority of people seeking hosting to run their website on and are only attractive to other online marketers.

The other option is the Site Build It affiliate program which offers a unique way for customers to build their sites from an SEO perspective from day one. 

Ultimately the program you recommend should be the one you personally use or have used yourself.  You then can speak with some authority on the subject


answered Jan 18 by Sentinel (300 points)
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We are partnered with the below top paid and best web hosting affiliate programs:

InMotion Hosting - $140 per referral- No investment

HostSoch - 40% of commission per referral- No investment

Bluehost India - Rs. 4000 per referral- No investment

iPage - $105 per referral- No investment

Milesweb - Rs.1000 Sign-up Bonus - Upto 50% commission per referral - No investment

HostingRaja - 30% Commission per referral- No investment

answered 2 days ago by sumana (180 points)

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