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How does the IBOtoolbox credits work for first time ad buyers?

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I am about to buy my first ad on ibotoolbox...

I want to get the most for my money... Here are my questions:

I get double the ads on my first purchase.

And I would get double ads if I'm a clubibo member...

So my questions are how is this calculated?

For example, let's say I buy 10k credits.

My first time buyer bonus would give me 20k credits.

But if I'm a clubibo member do I get another 10k credits
That would essentially double my first order or would I get
Double my first time buyer bonus of 20k?

So would my total be 30k credits or 40k credits?


Does this qualify me if I'm a new clubiob member inside the free trial period?

Or do the double bonus credits only come after the free trial ends and
My credit card gets hit for the monthly fee?

Please only answer if you know for a fact the answers to these questions.

No guessing or hearsay.


asked Oct 10, 2016 in IBO platform questions by Cbeachbum IBO Guru (1,370 points)

1 Answer

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Best answer
#1 On a 10k credit purchase, the clubIBO would give you a bonus of 10k, and first time buyer bonus would be 10k.

#2 Your trial is a valid clubIBO subscription.  So it would double your purchase.
answered Oct 10, 2016 by admin IBO Guru (3,130 points)
Thanks that's what I was looking for.
This will help you create a target audience with focused traffic. This is just a traffic exchange. it may well generate traffic but it will never ever convert to buyers.

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