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Are you ready for 2018?

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And get ready for 2018!

On January 1st, it will be time to set new monthly goals to start out the brand new year! If you set goals for December, use what you learned to set realistic January goals. The most important thing is to have goals and always strive to achieve them. Various studies PROVE that those who write down their goals accomplish significantly more than those who do not…and we want all of our friends / affiliates to experience bountiful success!

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” — Pablo Picasso

It’s easy to feel beaten down by life’s challenges — the grind; all the responsibilities. But you have to remember you are so much more than all that. You have believe that it’s all worth it, that you’re working for something bigger and that your true potential is beyond anything you can imagine.

You’re on the path. You’re headed in the right direction. You are getting there.

“You can’t always change the world, but you can change yourself — which is going to change your vision of the world,” Jones says. “I’m always trying to not be afraid of change and not be afraid of experiencing new things. [Whether an experience is] good or bad, I can always make my world better.”

asked Dec 11, 2017 in Business Opportunity by DK Gupta IBO Master (5,660 points)

1 Answer

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Thanks for your great thought-provoking question about being ready for 2018, DK!

I am ready, mainly because I am not afraid of change, which is one of the main reason
some people are do not feel ready for the new year.

As you say, we should look at the things that were successful for us in 2017 and refine
and repeat those things going forward.

Whether it is our personal or professional life, we should always remember that we
are works in progress and can always do better on the way to excellence.

Thanks again and I wish a wonderful 2018!

Do not let lack of funds prevent you from starting your dream business in 2018

answered Dec 20, 2017 by yvonnefinn IBO Guru (1,700 points)

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