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What is PET Mould Stable

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Before the 1980s, a large number of molds were manually polished by fitters. In the 1990s, due to the addition of CNC machining equipment, avant-garde equipment was added, which enriched the accumulation effect of castings and accumulated a batch of excellent talents for casting, and greatly improved and improved them. High-precision machining frees workers from a lot of manual labor.

On the other hand, the CAD / CAM / CAE and CAD technologies in the foundry industry have also been widely used. The casting structure and the subsequent advantages have been greatly improved. The CAD / CAM / CAE software that casting technicians plan to use The credibility of PET mold building has been greatly improved. At present, casting enterprises are facing a new unfavorable issue, how to liberate from the huge management of the above operations, to provide advice on action in order to improve the efficiency of accumulation. Therefore, foundry administration consulting has become the casting industry development and progress of the guarantee.

PET Mould Design Layout: Unique water cooling layout helps reduce cycle times. And each channel has been specially treated to stop them from getting clogged. Eccentricity correction technology can make the preform thickness difference less than 0.006cm. Although this system does not affect the duration of PET mold life. The world's most advanced two-axis fixed-position and self-locking device is put into use on our PET Preform Mould.

PET Mould utilize the Pin-Valve type of hot runner system technology, which effectively reduces component wear and tear and saves costs while also reducing power consumption by 10% to 15%. Double heating and cooling ensure good heating and cooling, and quality management is trustworthy. The heating coil unit allows the nozzle to maintain a constant temperature. Heaters used to heat hot runner plate, long life, strong heating capacity.

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1 Answer

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Advanced Technology Makes The PET Mould Stable.

answered Dec 24, 2017 by DK Gupta IBO Master (5,660 points)

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