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What's the difference between buying one's own domain name and using a free website builder?

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Okay, so I don't know.  I mean, here's the free website builder I used to create these pages, and it hasn't cost me a cent.

Here's the domain name I bought and got a free website with it:

So, please, someone, tell me what is the biggie idea to buy a domain name?

Yes, I've heard of people whose name became 'great' and it was purchased by some big company...

Still, for some one like me, is it recommendable?  

Has it been a waste of time and money to buy a domain name, which will only last for a year anyway?  My free website has lasted years with no deadline to pay for this or that...

Just thought I'd ask!

Your comments are most welcome, and any insights you would care to give would greatly be appreciated.
asked Feb 19, 2018 in Internet Marketing Tools by rcarosin (400 points)

2 Answers

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In my opinion the biggest reason to own a domain name is just that YOU OWN IT! CONTROL IT!

With FREE applications you have NO CONTROL....and a messy domain name, with extra unnecessary words attached!

But also, when you own your domain it can be keyword specific which will help with SEO, and ultimately with the success of your whole enterprise.

FREE usually comes with Strings Attached!

answered Feb 25, 2018 by thethrash IBO Specialist (31,720 points)
Well, you're right about the strings that come along with free, but if one does create a free website then one has the option to buy one's own domain name there.  That's the string.  But, I bought one independently, still keeping my free website which I'm more than happy with, and still find that even though I bought my own domain name, that there are more strings which require me to pay for extras, like having ads show on my website, etc.  So, there's no getting away from strings, at all.  There's always going to be some kind of monetary extra to be paid for this or that, free website or not.  But, on the other hand, I've now been able to add my own domain name to a website where I only have one page and very little movement, but it's okay, because I am now able to market myself better because most places WANT an own name domain website, knowing that it is costing the person something.  Yup, the strings of the web are all tied up to catch us all, eventually.  Thank Heaven's for sites like Clixsense and Toluna and Mobrog that allow the 'poor' like me to be able to build up a little ten dollars here and there to be able to afford to do things, investing in ourselves so as to make something bigger...  Thank you for your reply.  Much appreciated!  I personally find a great place to open a free website, and wish I had thought it all out before I jumped in and spent ten dollars on a webpage instead of using where I am in good standing and may have been able to have more than one page, plus more features...  Oh, well, another year lies ahead with new innovations, I'm sure.  Thanks for your reply, best wishes, raine
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I notice that many newbies who are learning about marketing online seem to choose website builders because many of these types of sites don't require much technical skills. But if one is looking to brand themselves on the internet than having a dedicated website hosting package is going to allow for greater flexibility as time goes on. I have had free websites and there is always a chance that it will get deleted unexpectedly and that is the risk factor for free vs paid services.
answered Mar 5, 2018 by lauriekay IBO Guru (3,330 points)

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