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How do I know if my banner is working on IBOtoolbox?

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When I view a preview of my ads on IBOtoolbox, they appear blurry. Does this mean I should not run the ad, or?

Please help. I'm not good at using banners.

Thank you!

Diana Tyree

The Action Power Team of GDI
asked Mar 18, 2018 in IBO platform questions by becauseGoals (210 points)

4 Answers

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It sounds like you may be using a size that is not compatible, sometimes you have to re-size the image before using it?

But to answer the question yes there is a preview when you make your ad, if it does not look good in the preview, that's how it will show and tend to make you look try hard to get it right or try using another image?

answered Mar 18, 2018 by thethrash IBO Specialist (31,720 points)
Thank you for your reply. That's exactly what I was concerned about- it looking that way when posted and it looking unprofessional. I appreciate you answering me.
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Hi Diana! It sounds like your original image may be not be high quality, or as JT said, may be the wrong size. this would be the 2 areas i would look at, and i would bet that your answer would be one of those places. Best of your success!

answered Mar 21, 2018 by ToddTreharne IBO Specialist (56,390 points)
Thank you for your response. Appreciate it. :) My problem is knowing what sizes to use where and having the right size banners to use. The struggle is real!
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Hello Diana,

I don't know if you got your banner problem resolved.  But I would suggest to register at MarketWithKris.  
You will find a video tutorial about how to set all your banners on IBO and probably any other website.  
I hope this help as well.
answered Mar 26, 2018 by RRobinson IBO Guru (1,520 points)
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Hello Diana,
I do not know whether you have solved your problem regarding the banners yet.

There is a free site on the net where you can resize your banners to the actual size that the site/s require. On IBOtoolbox you can advertise banners of various sizes , so once you decide which one to use, I suggest you try the resizer - you will find that at

There are two options: you either go by % or dimensions. It really is so easy to use - I am not well versed in banners per se but this works for me 100%


Louise Kinnear
answered Apr 2, 2018 by LOUISE IBO Guru (3,630 points)

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