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What is a crucial characteristic for test rice grader?

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Grading of the milled rice refers to the separation of brokens from the head rice and the further classification of brokens into prefixed selections of grades. The dimensions of the paddy grain  play an important role in the determination of grain standard throughout the processing cycle. The perfect rice grain with complete length has higher bulk density or the ratio between weight and volume. The definition of broken rice grain is generally based on the length of the rice  particle and is referred to in units 1/8th of the length of the whole unbroken milled rice grain. For the broken rice, the bulk density is much lower than the completer rice. The different in  bulk density between the complete rice and the  broken rice is a crucial characteristic for test rice grader to separate them.

Rice merchants can easily use these instruments to boost their profitability by continuously analyzing the whiteness of their milled grain to accurately measure its quality, guaranteeing a good price for their rice and at the same time setting classification standards for the rice industry worldwide.

This rubber roller husker is mainly used in paddy hulling and separating rice from hulls. It is special equipment in rice reorganization construction segment, mainly used to remove brans in white rice and excess water, reduce rice temperature. It has gearbox and once a new roll is installed, there is no need to dismantle anymore. The structure is well sealed and thus avoids the leakage of rice. It is very easy in installing and dismantling roll, operate secure and minimized noises.

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