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What are profitable niche ideas for affiliate marketting?

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The 3 main evergreen markets that are always profitable so you never waste your time on unprofitable affiliate niches.

1. The Big and Always Profitable Evergreen Markets: Health, Wealth and Romance

2. Hobby and Activities That People Spend Loads of Money In

3. High Paying Affiliate Products and Services That Pay Up To $5,000 (This includes payday (and most other types of) loans, private jet charter, yacht rental, online casinos, luxury goods such as watches, handbags and jewellery, travel, home design blueprints and an almost endless list of others.)

asked May 14 in Marketing Lists by DK Gupta IBO Master (5,630 points)

1 Answer

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The following odd niche products are worthy considering:

  • Pets
  • Farm animals
  • DIY
  • Gaming
answered Aug 30 by quidec IBO Master (7,480 points)
edited Aug 31 by quidec

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