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How to last the life of the China Flotation Machine?

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All swirling movement is checked by the liner-baffles with which the sides of the cell are lined. They are constructed of white cast iron and are designed to last the life of the China Flotation Machine, the absence of violent agitation making this possible.

The air inlet pipes are connected to a main through a valve by which the amount of air admitted to each mat can be accurately controlled. The air is supplied by a low-pressure blower working at about 2 lb. per square inch. It enters the cell through the perforations in the rubber mat and is split up into a stream of minute bubbles, which are distributed evenly throughout the pulp by the action of the revolving disc. By this means a large volume of finely-dispersed air is introduced without excessive agitation. There is sufficient agitation, however, to produce a proper circulation in the cell, but not enough to cause any tendency to surge or to disturb the froth on the surface of the pulp.

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asked May 15, 2018 in Mentorship/Training by mixingtank IBO Guru (1,180 points)

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