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The paddy is sun-dried several times before rice polisher

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The paddy retained for storage is sun-dried several times and cleaned before loading into the rice polisher. The farmer determines the dryness required for storage on the basis of experience. Dryness is measured by pressing a bunch of grains hard into the hand or biting several grains: a fully dried grain is hard. Paddy is usually stored with a moisture content of 14 percent or less. Paddy is normally stored in a 1-tonne-capacity container for 6 to 12 months. Losses in farm storage have been estimated at about 6.2 percent (Ren-Yong et al., 1990).

Rice can be grown within a wide range of environmental conditions and by utilising a broad spectrum of different agronomic techniques. Differences in cultivation practise largely hinge on the amount of water required and the way in which it is harnessed and used. Similarly, the way in which rice is processed after harvest depends on whether water is used in 'wet' or 'dry' rice processing.

Grain that is going to be stored should be cleaned to remove cracked kernels, dust, or any other debris that can cause aeration issues later in the storage process. To ensure optimal airflow grain should also be leveled once the rice destoner is full. Areas with peaks can provide optimal conditions for stored grain insect outbreaks. Uniform aeration is crucial as uneven drying and cooling can result in "hot spots", which can also favor insect activity and mold growth. Grain should be dried prior to storage and then cooled to a point below 55°F as soon as possible to reduce insect development and activity. The cold temperatures will also inhibit mold growth.

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