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An Agitation Equipment is used for sludge agitation

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An Agitation Equipment is used for sludge agitation and mixing. The operation of the agitator is controlled from the general switchboard of the plant. The FRP tank has got a visible measurement strip to enable sludge levels to be monitored visually. The conditioning tank is equipped with level gauging systems to indicate the sludge level at a given time: - Minimum level: to ensure that the agitator is not operating when the tank is empty. - Maximum level: to ensure that sludge does not overflow.

Preliminary experiments were performed to investigate the influence of ageing of sludge on the drying kinetics. It appears that ageing does have no effect except for the first two days. The influences of the wall temperature, the stirrer speed, the dryer load and the location of the stirrer against the heated wall were studied.

Three different rheological behaviors were observed during sludge drying. In particular, the sludge goes through a “glue” phase, and high levels of mechanical strain are recorded when the compact mass begins to break up. A critical stirrer speed is found within the range 40–60 rpm. To shorten the drying time, it seems better to adjust the wall temperature in accordance with the moisture content of the sludge.

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