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The experimental type cyclone centrifugal Classifying Equipment as a test equipment

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Based on the centrifugal separation technology and fluidized bed separation principle, the centrifugal continuous separator was developed in Kunming University of Science and Technology, and in the foundation of material classification by use of centrifugal force, while the introduction of fluidization principle to improve the classification efficiency of backwash water. The experimental type cyclone centrifugal Classifying Equipment as a test equipment, for the -2mm titanium magnetite grading experiments were carried out to analyze the impact of different factors on the classification, which provides a reference for industrial application of cyclone centrifugal continuous separator.

The principle of cyclone centrifugal separator is the continuous flow constructed by rotary centrifugal force field, and the coupling fluidization effect of backwash water resistance process of mixed material classification.   

The increasing of the particle mass loading enriches the particles at the wall region. At lower inlet air velocity, the separation efficiency increases with the increasing of the particle mass loading due to the larger particle sweeping effects and the aggregation of smaller particles. The full elastic particle-wall collision and the perfect dust box bottom collection assumptions cause CFD simulation overpredicting the separation efficiency of smaller particles. A partial elastic particle-wall collision assumption overcame the problem and reduced the calculated separation efficiency. Our CFD simulation can reasonably predict the separation efficiency at different particle mass loadings.

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Swirl Continuous centrifugal concentrator was based on the principle of hydro-cyclone and fluidized bed separation, which is new hydraulic grading equipment. The effect of new equipment on the classification of Panzhihua ilmenite was studied under different operating conditions. The results show that the underflow pressure, the overflow rate, the feed pressure and the recoil pressure have a significant effect on the grading effect of the cyclone centrifugal continuous concentrator. At the same time, the classification effect on the Titanium magnetite of this concentrator is significant. The new equipment is hopeful to be generalized and gradually used in practice of hydraulic classification.

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