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Remarkably efficient Agitation Equipment provide higher recirculation rates

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Zhejiang golden machinery factory offers complete systems for wet grinding, dispersion and mixing applications. Our agitators are extremely durable and easy to maintain. Our unique designs are engineered for versatile use and we offer free lifetime technical support. These remarkably efficient Agitation Equipment provide higher recirculation rates and can handle a variety of viscosity levels. You can trust our products for all of your applications whether it is chemical, food, pharmaceutical or more.

Though most process tanks are agitated by means of a mechanical agitator, comprised of a rotating shaft and one or more impellers, occasionally process engineers will ask, Why can't we just use a pump, instead of an expensive agitator? This paper attempts to answer that question by comparing capital and operating costs, as well as relative performance, of both systems, based on real-world installations. The reader is cautioned to use his own actual capital, installation and power cost figures, as they will not always match those used in this report.

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