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Paddy separator from paddy separator machine manufacturer china-zjlg

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Paddy separator from paddy separator machine manufacturer china-zjlg is rugged, sturdy and designed to cut Metallurgical Samples to optimal quality consistently and safely. Cutting Wheel spindle is connected with motor shaft by pulley and belt mechanism. The movement of cutting wheel towards the specimen is applied by handle fixed with motor base pivot spindle and the cutter unit is balanced by springs for smooth chop type movement. Corrosion resistant window. Cooling by two high flow water jets to provide optimum cooling. Large (25mm) drain, re-circulation coolant tank with 30LTR. Capacity Working on 440 volts, AC main supply with coolant tank of sufficient capacity.

The basic principle of the device is to polish the grains through mutual rubbing. The machine may briefly be described as a casing with a sliding arrangement placed horizontally on a base plate. During the operation of the machine, the roller is rotated by a prime mover, and grain for polishing is fed into the gap between the roller and the casing through the adjustable intake aperture. The grain is pushed by the helical screws on the roller into the conical gap. Here the properly adjusted blades arrest the peripheral motion of the grains while the straight ridges rotate the grains. The cumulative effect of rotation and arresting of the grains results in mutual rubbing of the grains.

When a seed lot enters the processing plant for cleaning, contaminants are removed by the use of special equipment that takes advantage of differences in physical characteristics of various components in the mixture. The chief characteristics used in making separations are size, shape, density, surface texture, terminal velocity, electrical conductivity, color, and resilience. The choice of machines used and their arrangement in a processing line depends primarily on the seed being cleaned, the quantity of seeds and other contaminants in the mixture, and the purity requirements that must be met. Seed for planting is of little value unless it reaches the farmer in a viable condition, essentially free of contaminants, and at a price he can afford.

The product quality of rice whitener has largely dependent on operation experiences, which is a key problem for this type of food processing systems that might lead to variability in the final product quality. An intelligent automatic control system has been proposed for rice whitening machines based on expert database system.

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