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China-zjlg as a professional rice whitener manufacturer

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As a professional rice whitener manufacturer - china-zjlg, we provides good quality of rice whitener, we will communicate with customers and take their ideas into consideration to make the best product and we cordially welcomes all of you to visit china-zjlg to visit us for th win-win future.

The wheat grain, the raw material of flour production and the seed planted to produce new plants, consists of three major portions: (1) the embryo or germ (including its sheaf, the scutellum) that produces the new plant, (2) the starchy endosperm, which serves as food for the germinating seed and forms the raw material of flour manufacture, and (3) various covering layers protecting the grain. Although proportions vary, other cereal grains follow the same general pattern. Average wheat grain composition is approximately 85 percent endosperm, 13 percent husk, and 2 percent embryo.

The rice whitener determines the quality of processing, is the key milling equipment in the rice processing line. The control of whiteness (degree of milling) and percentage of broken kernels is done by skilled workers who adjust the pressure door in the outlet, according the color, translucent, temperature etc. of the milled rice.

Due to the low cost of electricity at night, rice processing mills usually produce at night. It will make the workers who operated rice whitening machine very tired. All the facts together with the poor working environment (noisy and dusty) which may cause workers leave, will result in unstable production quality.

rice destoner removes all stones and impurities from the rice. After peeling and de-stoning feed the rice to the polisher one machine. The polisher machine is liable for eradicating all the rice husk and any leftover impurity. Mind you, polisher one cannot polish the ricethe way you may need But when the rice passes through the polisher two it becomes mor better. If you observe that the rice is breaking, this means the rice did not dry very well before being sent into the mill.

In a word, china-zjlg will continue to strive to provide you with higher quality, but also hope that you support us, welcome to leave a message.

asked Jun 7, 2018 in Mentorship/Training by ricepolisher IBO Guru (1,050 points)

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