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What is the reason of organic traffic drop ?

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If you check Ibootolbox's organic traffic in Semrush you can see the negative results. On May 29th from 749 daily visitors to 503 daily visitors. What do you think ?


asked Jun 18, 2018 in Internet Advertising by beyond11 IBO Master (6,180 points)

3 Answers

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I guess they need to hire a good SEO expert to analyze their websites onsite and offsite performance. Then an effective SEO strategy can improve SEO traffic and keywords rankings in Google.
answered Jun 18, 2018 by rextag (500 points)
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As I see their websites for example Ibosocial and Ibootoolbox don't have SSL certification as a results they lose organic traffic from Google and Bing search engines. Google prefer HTTPS indstead of HTTP!
answered Nov 18, 2018 by ecigsuk (400 points)
I agree they need to add SSL to IBO or they will continue to lose traffic.
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That's right Ecigsuk! The changes in Google's updated requirement for 'https' did create a big hit against IBO's websites. Bingo!

After posting an article, I use to be able to check 'Google' right afterward, and I would find the article on Page 1.

With that said, members can still make use of the site (for those who don't have a blog) by 'Sending' traffic to the site, say for example, by sending traffic to their own articles from their own email list. This will help build relationships with your own prospects.

answered Nov 21, 2018 by Workwithterry IBO Guru (3,020 points)

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