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Why engage with a Landing Page and then do nothing?

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Why do people put their information in on a landing page knowing they will get emails and then never respond? What is the point?  If they do not want information why not just unsubscribe instead of hanging on.
asked Jan 10 in Other Questions by Chris Shouse IBO Specialist (45,010 points)

1 Answer

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- Putting up a landing page allows you to do just that”. ... You have to validate that the audience actually wants the product before you start building anything. ... Wait for them to come to you with a question and then engage with ...
Oddly, the easiest part of the process is building the actual product. Getting the customer interest, is much harder.
If they’ve validated their product idea — properly — and communicated the benefits that they know are helpful to buyers; the issue isn’t the landing page, it’s the product idea!
You have to validate that the audience actually wants the product before you start building anything.
Focus on solving real problems, for real people, rather than focusing on ideas. Talk to real people, find out their problems and then give them a solution.
The reason you should build a landing page first doesn’t really have anything to do with market validation (you should have already validated the audiences need for your offering).
knowing that your audience research is accurate.
 it is to publish a landing page 3–4 months from your estimated launch date.
people will wait patiently for its release.
Interacting with pre-customers is absolutely essential. Get to know them, keep them engaged in your product, your story and how their lives will be improved once your product is ready. Just show empathy, answer their questions, show that you care, give them no opportunity. They may well become the best customers you ever have.
Keep it simple though. Don’t go overboard on asking them questions.
Wait for them to come to you with a question and then engage with them. Let them have the control in the conversation and they’ll always feel like the hero.
your job isn’t to be the hero, it’s to be the guide that shows the hero the way.
Building a Story-brand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen,
The customer is the hero of our brand’s story, not us
Think of your brand as Yoda and the customer as Luke Skywalker. You’re not the hero of the show but without your audience. The customer won’t ever become a hero.
you lurk in forums and communities online to find out what people are struggling with.
It’s how we came up with the idea,
By being present in the community, engaging honestly with clear intent and learning from the feedback of the people you
should sell to your current audience. Don’t start exploring new markets
In the beginning, sell to your own, you can always expand later.
 ...about your process for doing this type of audience research!
Do proper audience research to find out actual problems from real people.
Use that newly found knowledge to create a solution to people’s problems.
Build a landing page that communicates how you will solve that problem.
Validate you were right via pre-product sign-ups. Build the product.
- enough to make you think
answered Jan 27 by Ezworksystem (230 points)

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