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Synthesis of Copper Acetate Bipyridine Complex

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Synthesis of the Copper Acetate(WSDTY) bipyridine complex [Cu(OAc)2(bpy)]. The complex was prepared by a slightly modified method of Koo. In brief, 0.81 g Cu(OAc)2·H2O was added to 20 mL DMF and mixture was allowed to stir on a magnetic stirrer until dissolution. After addition of 0.43 g bpy in 10 mL DMF, the mixture was left stirring for 8 h. The solid product was separated by sedimentation and washed with diethyl ether. The obtained pale blue powder was dried in a vacuum oven. This material was used as the precursor for the copper-based NPs. Synthesis of copper-based nanoparticles.

The solvothermal synthesis started by dis-solving 0.012 g NaOH in 10 mL of ethanol. Then, a solution of 0.1014 g [Cu(OAc)2(bpy)] in 50 mL ethanol was added under stirring of the sodium hydroxide solution. The resulting sol-ution was transferred to a teflon-lined stainless steel autoclave (Berghof BR-200 pressure reactor) and heated at 160 °C for 24 h. After cooling to room temperature, the prepared par-ticles were separated by centrifugation, washed with DI water and dried in a vacuum oven at 60 °C overnight. The product has a brownish–black color, characteristic for a copper(II) oxide.

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