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Copper Acetate Crystals Fully Grown!

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How to make Copper Acetate crystals the easy way. Great instructions for making crystals that doesn't involve bleach, ammonia, and death... Warning: Copper Acetate(WSDTY) is highly toxic, preform this. experiment only if you have proper safety precautions. Hi everyone, In the previous video I showed you how to make Copper Acetate, using Copper Sulfate as a precursor.

It decomposes to its oxide at temperatures above 600 o C. Hydrate of CuSO 4 is prepared by the addition of dilute sulfuric acid on copper (II) oxide or copper (II) carbonate, blue triclinic crystals of pentahydrate are formed upon crystallization.... Perhaps this will help: Many ionic solids can only crystallize in hydrated forms - sodium acetate trihydrate is one of them, another common one is copper sulfate pentahydrate, encountered as bright blue crystals.

Wujiang Weishida Copper Technology Co.,Ltd. has 12,000 square meters of production base. By virtue of their sincere cooperation, reciprocity of the business philosophy for the industry users around the country to provide high-quality non-ferrous metal products. Weishida specializes in producing cuprous chloride, basic copper carbonate, copper acetate, copper oxide, copper sulfate. Our company has established a perfect quality assurance system, quality inspection and testing equipment, testing, testing and technology development strength, to ensure the stability of product quality, fully able to meet the pre-market after-sales service to provide users with the need.

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