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What is your biggest 'peeve' about marketing online?

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asked Oct 15, 2016 in Other Questions by ErnieG IBO Guru (2,990 points)

3 Answers

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My biggest peeve?  Other than technical difficulties, I would say the necessary time and effort to establish yourself as 'reputable'.  Basically, I am referring to affiliate marketing; it is a busy area and unfortunately flooded with blacklist type tactics and products not worth reading about.  When your average person is inundated with such emails, tweets, etc., it tends to discredit the entire field of marketers .... 'they are all liars, they are all just out for my money', etc.  It takes time and effort, quality content, etc. to build trust, confidence and establish dignity with your readers/prospective customers or clients.  I may not always like Google updates and the like, but at least a lot of this is slowly being addressed.  I have not been one to use 'pop ups' and am happy there is finally being something done about the outrageous ways they are being abused.
answered Oct 16, 2016 by amhrosie (440 points)
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My biggest "peeve" as you call it is  that the programme that are coming out recently online have no longevity in them. They all seem to do good up to year one then every thing either get slows or some internal issues which causes the programme to die or  stall.
answered Oct 18, 2016 by garywelsh IBO Specialist (72,640 points)
I have run into a lot of that over the last few months.
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All of the Hype!
answered Oct 19, 2016 by WillieRobertson IBO Guru (4,870 points)

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